2017 Project

My new project for 2017 have begun! I’m part of a 52 challenge organized by (french) discussion forum EOS-Numerique.

Each week a new theme is released and I have to shoot 1 photo that fits the theme!

Mon nouveau projet pour 2017 a commencé ! Je participe à un défi 52 organisé par le forum de discussion EOS-Numérique.

Un nouveau thème est établi chaque semaine, et je dois faire une photo correspondant à ce thème !


Week 52: “Final diaph”

Week 51: “The mad Canadian”

Week 50: “Dice-appear!”

Week 49: “Shooting star”

Week 48: “Santa’s bighorn sheep”

Week 47: “Calamity Flo”

Week 46: “Prude curls”

Week 45: “Inner child”

Week 44: “Winter fun”

Week 43: “KC Urbex”

Week 42: “An inconvenient truth”

Week 41: “Rut is better when 3 are playing”

Week 40: “Planet Autumn”

Week 39: “Doe at sunset”

Week 38: “Wild West castle”

Week 37: “St Patrick”

Week 36: “School bus”

Week 35: “On her way to the top”

Week 34: “Under the spotlights”

Week 33: “Ready for the show”

Week 32: “Star rock & roll”

Week 31: “Red & white caterpillar”

Week 30: “Last rolls”

Week 29: “Malaysia”

Week 28: “Line swimming”

Week 27: “Flying through the maze”

Week 26: “Emerald canoe”

Week 25: “Blue Waterton”

Week 24: “Into the Enchanted Forest”

Week 23: “Last sunrays”

Week 22: “Street art(s)”

Week 21: “Lost in the Prairies”

Week 20: “After the rain”

Week 19: “Sensuousness over the Sea of Tranquility”

Week 18: “Sunset on the hill”

Week 17: “Fishing memories”

Week 16: “Past fades away”

Week 15: “Submerged fence”

Week 14: “Shallow waters”

Week 13: “Not so close or I’ll blush”

Week 12: “Frozen reflection”

Week 11: “Snow & the Beast”

Week 10: “Alberta skies”

Week 9: “City hall”

Week 8: “Broken bridge in the snow”

Week 7: “Love reflection”

Week 6: “Spleen drowning”

Week 5: “A punk’s look”

Week 4: “Geese flight”

Week 3: “Fire & ice”

Week 2: “67 Impala”

Week 1: “My ghost twin”