Week 46: “Prude curls”

Project 2017 – Week 46: “Prude curls”

46th week theme was “Nude”.

Nude photography is more complicated than it seems: showcase a body, suggest without showing (too much), shape the light…

Projet 2017 – Semaine 46 : “Boucles pudiques“

Le thème de la 46ème semaine était “Nu”.

La photo de nu est plus compliquée qu’il ne semble : mettre un corps en valeur, suggérer sans (trop) montrer, sculpter la lumière…

Here a few more pictures I took that fit the theme, among which I had to choose. Did I make the right choice?

Voilà quelques autres photos que j’ai prises selon ce thème. Ai-je bien choisi ?


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  1. Valerie Martins

    Yes, very good choices. I appreciate your use of light and shadow. Some find that quite difficult to get the shadows fall just how one pictures it in their head. Very nicely done!

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